Vampire Cookie Cutter STL File for 3D Printing
Vampire Cookie Cutter STL File for 3D Printing

Vampire Cookie Cutter STL File for 3D Printing

$3.75 CAD

Vampire Cookie Cutter STL File for printing your own cookie cutter.  This cutter was designed to fit in the box shown here which is sold at The Cookiery.   Graphic on box will vary season to season, this is the 2022 version, so 2023 will be a different graphic, but box size is the samePlease note, THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL COOKIE CUTTER.  You must have a 3D Printer for this purchase.  After your purchase goes through you will receive an email to download your STL File.


I used a 6.25 Inch in my set, the fit in the box was snug so you will have to use a little to no spread recipe when baking.. All sizes are approximate, the software measures the longest side of the drawing to create the cutter so a 4 Inch cutter in this shape may not seem like the same size as a 4 inch cutter in another shape. If you would like a size that is not listed, please let me know. 

This STL file is for a basic cookie cutter, they are not the same ones that you would purchase through The Cookery.  The handles are basic and there is not any sort of identifying labeling or numbering on the side of the cutter.  These are the cutters I use in my kitchen. This is not a physical product, after purchase you will receive a download link via email.  You must own a 3D Printer to create the cookie cutter with the STL file.  The files are all in working order, unfortunately I am unable to troubleshoot printer issues that may be encountered while printing the cookie cutter.  

PERSONAL USE ONLY. One purchase should result in only one physical printed cookie cutter for your own personal use.  The file is not to be shared, distributed or sold. Printing multiple cutters and sharing them with others is not permitted. Mass producing and/or selling the physical cutter created with this file is prohibited. This file is meant to be used only one time to create one cookie cutter for personal use. No physical item will be shipped.   Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds on STL Purchases.


All Rights are reserved to Melissa Matthews.  This STL was designed and the cookie decorated by Melissa of @themillerswifecustomcookies.  Design cannot be duplicated without explicit permission by the designer