Online Cookie Decorating Classes and STL Files for 3D Printing

If you don't own a 3D printer, most local libraries will do 3D printing for free. It is worth checking into if you would like to purchase some cookie cutter STL files to print your own cutters. If you are looking for physical cookie cutters, all of my designs are also sold as physical cutters at!

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Petals and Prosecco Bridal Cookie Decorating Class-Royal Icing Florals
Petals and Prosecco Bridal Cookie Decorating Class-Royal Icing Florals

Petals and Prosecco Bridal Cookie Decorating Class-Royal Icing Florals

$55.00 CAD

 In this class you will learn how to decorate the beautiful set of bridal themed cookies shown above. Recipes, tips and tricks, written guides and tutorial videos included.  The videos are all pre-recorded and your access will never expire so you can work at your own pace and complete whenever is convenient. This class is packed full of fun techniques.  All floral videos are done in real time, as I talk you through each step.   This course is geared towards those with some decorating experience.  That said, if you are up for a challenge, the information is there for any skill level, and could be attempted by a beginner as long as you go in with realistic expectations. 

Hand cutting templates for the cookies will be included in the course, but you can also purchase the cutters at The If you have your own 3D Printer, you can also purchase STL files at through my site.

You will be prompted to create an online account when checking out if you don't already have one; this account will allow you to log-in to my website and access your purchased course.  In order to view the course under your account, you must ensure that you use the same email address to create the account that you used to purchase the class. You will receive an email confirmation when your order is complete. Due to the nature of the class, it is non-refundable.

Cutters and STL Files are sold separately, they are not included in class purchase.

****** The content of this course is for personal use only. It is not to be shared or re-taught. I kindly ask that the content of this course is not replicated and posted to any social media platform. For example, please refrain from posting tutorial decorating videos of the designs included in this class in the form of an Instagram Reel. I also kindly ask that if you do not purchase this class, that you do not replicate the design as it is shown here.  This design was created for the sole purpose of a class.  That said, if you do take the class, you are of course welcome to sell the cookies you make if your local food laws allow. I appreciate your understanding very much. ******
The Miller's Wife Royal Icing Colour Guide (Digital Download)

The Miller's Wife Royal Icing Colour Guide (Digital Download)

$45.00 CAD

Colour Formula Guide 2022

This purchase will give you access to a digital download colour formula guide that includes 126 colour formulas. The formulas have been created with a mix of Americolor Gel colours and Sugar Art Master Elite Colours.  You will find many of my most often used colours in here along with a cookie recipe and my royal icing recipe.  There is also a section that offers colour mixing tips and some other helpful information.  Please note that a few of the colour formulas have been in past classes but they are favourites so I included a handful in the guide.  I have listed this as a royal icing colour guide, but I have had feedback that the colours work well with macarons, fondant and butter cream also, but since I have not tested this myself, I cannot speak to it in detail.  Please read the disclaimer below in full before purchase.  You will be asked to agree to the conditions before you check out.

As this is just a digital guide, you will not be shipped any physical printed copies of this product.  The guide download is more compatible on a computer, if you have issues on a mobile device, please contact me.  Due to the nature of this product there are no refunds.


This is NOT a colour theory class.  It is a guide that contains formulas using mostly Americolor Gel colours and some Sugar Art ME colours. There are no instructional videos, it is written material only. There are no substitutions made for using the guide with other brands.   Colours can appear differently from screen to screen as well as printer colours and outcomes can vary. Unfortunately, this is something I cannot control but must mention it here as the guide may not view the same on your screen as it did mine.  I have included many colours that I use regularly but you will not find every colour I have ever used in this guide.  I am always reincorporating leftover icing and sometimes I am unable to tell you what I used to create the colour.

 Another note, as we do not use very many exact unit’s of measure in the guide, results can vary, even I sometimes I don’t get the exact same colour twice, but close is all we can strive for.  We are not machines, we are creating hand made items, there is no such thing as perfection.  In addition to that, please note that gel colours can vary from batch to batch so it is possible that the bottle of colour you are using is a slightly different colour than mine.  This is another factor that I cannot control but at the end of the day you should come out with something close, which is all we can ask for. 

Lighting is a huge factor in how your colours read which I do outline in the guide.  In some lights the colours may look darker than the swatches. I did my best to match the swatches in the guide to the actual cookie colours, unfortunately I don’t have a colour matching tool like a paint store, this was all done manually by eye and using photo editing programs.  So they are as close as I could get them, but may not be exact.

The content of this guide is for personal use only.  Your purchase is for one guide, and one user.  The information included is not to be shared. distributed or taught.