About Me


Hi Everyone! 

My name is Melissa Matthews, and I am the face of The Millers Wife Custom Cookies. Many people ask how I first got into cookie decorating.  Well, the truth is, it all happened by absolute chance.  It starts in 2018, I was expecting my first and only child when I very suddenly lost my mother.  She was my best friend and this loss was outright devastating for me.  While my family and I were going through some of her things, we came across some decorating supplies, and when I say some, I mean TONS.  We almost donated the lot of it... but I hesitated.  I thought maybe one day my daughter and I would have some fun with it, so I took it.  After my little girl was born, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands, she was a good napper and I don’t do relaxing.  So, I dragged out all of those cookie cutters, and tips, and bags, and sprinkles, and food colouring!  The next thing I knew, I was decorating cookies!! And I don't mean just a couple cookies, I mean HUNDREDS of cookies, and I liked it, like I really, REALLY liked it!!!  So just like that, I was 100% hooked!!  I am beyond thrilled to say that after years of searching, I have finally found my true passion. I am so lucky to now have the honour of creating designs and classes to share with all of you amazing people every day. I am truly blessed and so grateful that I have been able to pursue my dreams and share them with my community and beyond. 

Thank you so much for visiting!